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18 April, 2017


Commercial Service Jobs

• Cleaning of areas of movement or traffic of people.• Cleaning of corridors of greater and lesser circulation.• Washing and vacuuming of carpets.• Washing and shaking of doors.• Hand wash of panels, walls and shutters.• Vacuum cleaned and shaken shutters.• Washing windows of interior windows.• Washing of elevators.• Washing and mopping of stairs.• Vacuuming of ceilings, ceilings, walls and shutters.• Mopping and flooring several times a day.• Sealing of tile and mosaic floors.• Rebranding of marble floors.• Vacuum dry or wet surfaces, carpets, ceiling panels,Ceilings, walls, shutters, blinds, curtains, armchairs, etc.Furniture and utensils• Washing of office furniture in general.• Shaking of furniture in general.• Washing of water dispensers.• Telephone washing.• Shaking of computer keyboards. Bathrooms• General bathroom cleaning.• Polishing of floors.• Washing of toilets.• Toilet washing.• Washing of urinals.• Floor washing.• Elimination of tartar in washbasins, urinals and water close.• Elimination of tartar in toilets.• Removal of tartar in toilet.• Removal of tartar in urinals.Outdoor• Cleaning of roofs and terraces.